José Martí

The Society has the backing of the National General Staff of the Civil Defense of Cuba, for the realization and participation of its members in the work related to the prevention of sanitary disasters. This is stated in DECREE No. 2709 of the National General Staff of the Civil Defense of Cuba of August 10, 2011, which reaccredits the SCMVCD to execute these works until the year 2016.

Since its creation to date our specialists have been part of the work teams in Comprehensive Risk Studies Projects either as a Society or in cooperation with other entities: Project Company against Disasters (PRODESA) of the GEOCUBA Business Group, Inversiones GAMMA, S.A. of the CITMA, AGROACCIONALEMANA of Germany, OIKOS of Portugal, CARE of France, ACTAF, ANAP, ACPA of Cuba.


-Conduct Hazard, Vulnerability and Health Risk Studies in any sphere of the economy. Where the health situation is diagnosed, taking into account the world situation and ours in the face of emerging, re-emerging and zoonotic diseases, as well as deepening the problems of Food Safety in those places where food is produced or processed for consumption human and animal, offer recommendations to reduce the risks of foodborne diseases and plan the answers to solve the problems or minimize them and offer recommendations to reduce the risks and plan the response. 

-Perform Integral Studies of Hazards, Vulnerability and Risks in any sector of the economy of the country that requires it, always using highly qualified specialists and endorsed by the General Staff of the Civil Defense of Cuba.

-We have experts who can apply measures of Prevention, Control and liquidation or mitigation of infectious zoonotic contagious diseases according to the Fighting Plans in force in the place in question or elaborate them if they do not exist according to the WHO or OIE guidelines.


-Help the Risk Studies and Disaster Reduction Plans that are developed in our country to have the Health Risk component with the objectivity that it needs.

-Together with INHEM, work to improve health indexes based on a better appreciation of health risks by the population and the entities involved in production, services and food processing.

-Work together with the National Health System to achieve the establishment of Veterinary Public Health, according to the new criteria that are handled by PAHO and WHO in their concept of HEALTH where human health also depends on the environment surrounding man, including plants, fruits, animals that consume, quality of life etc. And that the concept of Veterinary Public Health comes out of it.

-Help MINAG and its companies to improve their production qualitatively and be less vulnerable to the effects of epizootics, epidemics, epidemics and other disasters: Natural and technological.

-Continue through training and excellence courses contribute to raise the competence of our professionals, so they are able to conduct studies of health risks in their territories and share with others that knowledge.